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Crossbow Construction, Inc.

Professional Residential Maintenance, Remodel & Repairs Est.1997


“One main detail about David is his ethics. He has shown to be a very trustworthy individual who demonstrates high morals and believes in honesty and hard work!"

-Mike (Austin, TX)

“When the historic Texas drought broke, our new home was flooded through closed windows, and more. The builder did nothing to fix the inundation and we sought advice on who could solve our problems, quickly.

First, David deconstructed the framing around 15 leaking TV den windows. He weather-sealed the windows, recrafted the wood framing, and when he finished, our rebuilt windows have not leaked since.

Next, we had water coming onto our hickory/pecan floor from the TV den door to the balcony, plus, the room under the balcony was leaking water around those windows.

Tons of stone were removed from the wall. David rebuilt the balcony and its defective metal flashing, weather-sealed the door, reapplied Tyvek Home Wrap properly on the wall, and weather-sealed the windows to the room below the balcony. Back went tons of stone on the deconstructed/reconstructed wall. End of leaks to two rooms, and we got a much nicer balcony.

The exposed wood boards of David's balcony (no overhang) have held up to sun and rain. We applied no finish to the balcony floor, wanting the look of aged wood. Not one plank has warped or cupped. Not one screw has come loose.

After our bad building experience, it was a joy to work with someone who takes pride in his work. And, we were pleased to see that David doesn't just jump into things, he examines the problem, studies the situation, and then when acting, everything he did was on target. No wasted time reworking, just getting the job done, right!"

-Larry (Wimberly, TX)

"David Giles did a wonderful job with every aspect of remodeling our home! He was fair, professional and efficient. He did a superb job on everything we asked of him and he followed his bid to the penny. We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know David and will use him on any home projects we have in the future. We have also been happy to recommend him to friends."

-Debbie (Horseshoe Bay)  

“We hired Crossbow Construction to close in an addition to our home. We were quite pleased with David's work and impressed with his perfectionism. David had lots of difficulties to overcome at our farm...dogs that wanted to get out the gate every time he needed to get in or out. David dealt with it everyday in a kindly way. 

Our sons wanted to observe the construction... David encouraged them to finish their school work quickly, then he set them up in a safe location

to observe, and explained what he was doing each step of the way. Our boys learned a lot!

Our new addition looks great and is water tight. We'd hire him again in a heartbeat."

 -Jade (Bertram, TX)

"Our home is over 30 years old and was in desperate need of new windows. I must say my wife and I were very impressed with David's work as he was faced with the challenging task of replacing 17 windows in the stone exterior of our home.

He payed attention to the little things and left the work area clean, inside and out.

We recommend Crossbow Construction for all your remodeling needs!"

-Ryan (Burnet, Co., TX)